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Tired of using DL.DEFINE, BUILD.CONTROL? Had enough of COPY.RECORDS.IHLD. Bored of manual instructions being missed during UAT build? Audit requests for 'who changed that routine' getting tiresome?

We bring you the Swordfish Source Control and Installation Tool (SCIT). This product, fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Temenos T24 simplifies and automates the process of building T24 internal releases. Manual instructions can be simply scripted using our table based scripting tool, files are created and all records are fully authorised as part of the installation.

In addition you get all of the benefits of the Microsoft Team Foundation Server product, so history, branching and merging are all available.

Allowing you to get on with the real development and stop worrying about test environment (and production) builds!Contact us for further information.

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T24 , being a Banking System which has been written by Temenos Systems. This website is for the T24/Globus Community, being techinal or of a Business function. If you are a Job Hunter or an Employer you can Search through our database to find T24 jobs throughout the world.


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